The Fountain of Youth

For Your Old Roof.

If your roof is more than 10 years old, your asphalt shingles are starting to wear down and lose their flexibility. A single treatment of Roof Maxx® can extend the life of your roof by 5 years, and up to 15 years total, for a fraction of the price of a new roof.

What Is

Roof Maxx?

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Eco-Friendly Roof Rejuvenation Treatment

Roof Maxx® is a scientifically formulated, and 100% safe, plant-based roof rejuvenating spray treatment that was developed by Battelle Labs, the world’s largest private research and development company.

This award-winning technology allows millions of micro-beads of 100% natural plant based bio-oil to penetrate your old brittle roof. Each treatment restores shingles’ flexibility and instantly adds five years of life to a roof. With three treatments possible, once every five years, Roof Maxx treatments can add up to 15 years to your asphalt roof.

15-20% of the cost of a roof replacement

Each treatment typically costs about 15-20% of the cost of a full roof replacement, depending on the size of your home. For example, if a replacement would cost $10,000, Roof Maxx could cost around $1,500-2,000. That’s a lot of savings! We’ll give you an exact price after doing a free inspection of your roof.

How do I know if my roof is ready for Roof Maxx?

Asphalt shingles contain small, sand-like pebbles that stick together when shingles natural oils are intact. Once those oils start to dry out with age, you may see the granules flaking off in your gutters or downspouts. You might also notice black stains and streaks or shingles cracking, breaking, and curling. Since each roof is different, we’ll perform a free inspection to see if Roof Maxx can help you.



Old roofing creates


tons of waste each year

Roof Maxx® can extend the life of your shingles by


with 3 recommended treatments

And each treatment on average costs

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than a typical roof replacement

Here's The


01. Roof Assessment

First, we’ll assess your roof and decide if it’s a good candidate for Roof Maxx. If it is, we’ll make an appointment to apply it. If it’s not, we’ll let you know why and whether we’ve discovered leaks or other major issues that need repairing.

02. Application

On the day of our scheduled appointment, we’ll perform a roof tune-up and then apply Roof Maxx. The whole process usually takes a couple of hours at most.

03. Five Years. Guaranteed.

Our rejuvenating oil will restore your shingles’ flexibility and waterproofing for five years, ensuring maximum property protection. And our warranty is transferable if you end up moving within that time.

Roof Maxx


From a few of our local Cache Valley customers.

5-Star Google Review

Kurt E.

We just had Roof Maxx sprayed on our roof. PJ came out and did a great job explaining why our roof would benefit and exactly how it works. Our roof looks great after the treatment and we’re looking forward to our newly extended roof life. Great experience with an honest, local company. Definitely our go-to for roofing.

Roof Maxx Treatment

5-Star Google Review

Lynette W.

We got our Roof Max treatment on Friday and it rained hard and hailed on Tuesday. Saw a huge difference in the amount of grit that came down the gutters; there was almost nothing. It's working, so happy we were able to extend the life of our current roof.

Roof Maxx Treatment

5-Star Google Review

Jennifer L.

So impressed with Quality Pace Roofing! They were knowledgeable about the latest roofing options and updates. They presented them without any pressure and answered all my questions. They were on time, clean, polite, honest, hard workers, and very professional. I would recommend QPR without any hesitation!

Roof Maxx Treatment

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